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8 December



There’s nothing quite like a brass band at Christmas to get you feeling festive!

Join Bakewell Silver Band for an evening of Christmas favourites. From brass band arrangements of traditional Christmas songs, to Christmas chart toppers, there’ll be sleigh bells a plenty and an opportunity to raise the roof with some audience carols too. Bakewell Silver Band will make sure that you’ll be driving home for Christmas full of mince pies and the Christmas cheer. With over 100 years of musical heritage from within the heart of the Peak District, Bakewell Silver Band has entertained and competed both locally and nationally at a high standard. 

Bakewell Silver Band, as it is now known, emerged from a desire by a number of town’s folk of Bakewell to once again have a musical organisation in the town. From the minutes of a general meeting held in the Congregational School Room on the evening of 19th February 1907 it was stated:

“[To] create a love of music amongst the young men of Bakewell, to encourage them to spend their time in a profitable and educational manner, and for their social uplifting.”

And so it was that The Bakewell Free Church Band was formed.

After a rapid succession of meetings in early 1907, it was decided that it was necessary to purchase a set of 23 new brass instruments from Besson & Co. London at a cost of £105-6-0. The instruments were paid for by public subscription, with each subscriber contributing a sum of at least 5/-. The band at the time would have been very similar in instrumentation as it is today.



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