Sheffield Printmakers

Our Court Room Gallery plays host to an exhibition of original works by the Sheffield Printmakers, a collective of local artist working in a wide variety of techniques. Each print is a unique work of art- printmaking is the art of making an image by transfer of ink from one medium to another. There is a common misconception that prints are copies of a ‘real’ artwork. Not so, printmaking is a unique medium and each one is utterly unique in character.

An original fine art print is an image on paper which may be unique or form part of a limited edition but is not a commercial produced reproduction or copy. The image is created by the artist on a plate, block or screen which is covered in ink and printed onto paper either by hand or by means of a press. The image on the paper will be the reverse of the image created on the plate.

Details of our exhibiting artists, and images can be found below. Information about the Sheffield Printmakers, including how to join, can be found here.

Alex McArthur

Alex McArthur

Alex McArthur Hill Walk £195

Alex McArthur Hill Walk £195

07748 247488

I love making monotypes, the most painterly form of printmaking that always throws up surprises in colour, form and texture. I use them as starting points for larger painted works. I am inspired by the natural world, its restlessness and all its fluid forms and colours. I add layers of colour, sometimes making torn stencils as I go. This printing process provides a framework for my spontaneity. Although each work is unique, I make small collections based on particular themes and ideas- themes that I often revisit to discover yet more new forms. Most recently I have been making studies of the local landscape in monochrome.

I have taught art and design to children and adults, at school or in the community, and I have published two books on textile design.


Alex McArthur Rose

Alex McArthur Rose

‘Inprint’ Studio 11 Hull School of Art & Design 2015

Open Exhibition Ferens Art Gallery Hull 2015

‘Love’ Cooper Gallery Barnsley 2014

Place, Identity and Memory Gracefield Arts Gallery Scotland 2009-10

Japanese/European Exhibition Osaka Japan 2008


The Gasgoigne Painting Prize Harrogate 2004 Winner.



Anthea Stephenson

Anthea Stephenson Anthea Stephenson

0114 2295404

The work I make is principally in response to the natural and built environment. In a lifetime of drawing in all sorts of media I have accumulated a quantity of sketchbooks which now provide images for the creation of printing plates. My particular interest lies in collagraph which can be used to produce totally linear images, or manipulated in more painterly ways. My involvement with Sheffield Printmakers gives me  the opportunity to see the wide variety of techniques practiced by other members of the group and I intend to try at least some of these techniques.


Off the Press, The workstation Sheffield 2015

Bakewell Town Hall 2015-16

Studio Eleven GAllery Hull 2015

Art in the Gardens Botanical Gardens Sheffield 2015

Tramlines Art and Craft Fair Sheffield 2015

Derbyshire Open Art Buxton 2015

Harley Gallery Open Exhibition Welbeck 2015

“Love and Devotion” exhibition Cooper Art Gallery Barnsley 2015

Yorkshire Cancer Research Art Show University of Sheffield 2014


Angela Harpham

Angela Harpham

Angela Harpham. Ocean Moon. £150

Angela Harpham. Ocean Moon. £150

0114 2352291

As a mixed media artist and photographer i practice limited edition printmaking, sometimes stand-alone or incorporated into other works. I use a variety of printmaking techniques including linocut, woodcut, etching, collagraph and silkscreen. I print onto various paper surfaces: handmade, Japanese and traditional. I sometimes print onto or collage my own hand made paper and also include organic material or my own photographs.

I took my inspiration from the written word as a child; visual art came in middle life culminating in an Access course in Art and Design at Chesterfield College of Art. Real places visited and photographed evoke certain memories, thoughts and feelings. I express these and the essential elements of place and time in my work. Words and phrases often inspire and are sometimes included in my art.

Angela Harpham, Paper Leaf

Angela Harpham, Paper Leaf


Great Sheffield Art Show Octagon Sheffield 2001-2014

Art in the Gardens Botanical Gardens Sheffield 2006-2015

West Studios Chesterfield Alumni Exhibition 2015

Off the Shelf Print Festival Sheffield 2014

Cooper Gallery Barnsley 2014


National Photographic Competition Institute of Civil Engineers Yorkshire & Humberside Winning Photograph of a listed building.



A. Rosemary Watson


A. Rosemary Watson

A. Rosemary Watson. LXXIX.II.I £170

A. Rosemary Watson. LXXIX.II.I £170

0114  2364930

        “…time is always time                                                   “Time present and time past

         And place is always and only place                             Are both perhaps present in time future

         And what is actual is actual only for one time              And time future contained in time past.”

         And only for one place.”

        Ash Wednesday    T S  Eliot                                     Burnt Norton  Four Quartets    T S Eliot


2009 – 2014    Visiting Specialist Lecturer  Faculty of Development & Society  Sheffield Hallam University

2008 – 2009   Visiting Life Drawing Tutor  Faculty of Development & Society  Sheffield Hallam University

1989 – 2015   Adult Education Tutor for Workers Educational Association  Sheffield – General and Life Drawing and Painting

1990 – 2016   Private Workshops for adults – Drawing and Painting  Landscape; Life Figure Drawing and Painting; Printmaking  (monoprint  drypoint  etching;  Private and Public Workshops; 1:1 sessions – by arrangement


2013 – 2016   Sheffield Printmakers   Founding Member   Committee Member  Exhibitions + Print Festival Organiser + Curator

2007 – 2010   Yorkshire Artspace Society  Curatorial Committee Member

2004 – 2009   Yorkshire Artspace Society  Spaceholder Committee Member

2013 – 2016   Sheffield Hallam University  Space and Place Research Group   Member


2016              35th Mini Print Internacional de Cadaques  L’Etang d’Art Gallery  Bages  France

2015 – 2016    Sheffield Printmakers  Town Hall  Bakewell

2015              5th  Sheffield International Artists Book Prize Exhibition  Bank Street Arts  Sheffield

2015              35th Mini Print Internacional de Cadaques  Girona  Spain

2015              Inspired by the Written Word  2nd Off the Press Print Pestival  Workstation  Sheffield

2015              Inprint  Studio Eleven Gallery  Hull

2015              35th Mini Print Internacional de Cadaques  Wingfieldbarns  Wingfield  Suffolk

2015              Prints and Plates  Cupola Gallery  Sheffield

2015              Harley Open  Harley Gallery  Welbeck Nottinghamshire

2015              Chionodoxa (Glory of the Snow)  Cupola Gallery  Sheffield

2015              Love  SheffieldPrintmakers  Cooper Gallery  Barnsley

2014              Inspired by the Written Word Off the Press Print Pestival  Workstation  Sheffield

2014              Sheffield Printmakers  Studio Eleven Gallery  Hull

2014              8th British International Miniprint Exhibition  The Civic  Barnsley

2013              4th  Sheffield International Artists Book Prize Exhibition  Bank Street Arts  Sheffield


2004              South Yorkshire Open Art Exhibition             Commended

2003              South Yorkshire Open Art Exhibition             Highly Commended

2002              South Yorkshire Open Art Exhibition      Highly Commended


2006               Arts Council England-Yorkshire     research and development of creative practice – printmaking





Jo Pye

0114 2588836

Although I had done a little lino printing at school and used that and potato printing teaching primary children, I only became interested in printmaking through my Access to Art course, 15 years ago. My work is often influenced by my interest  in folk stories, folk art and prehistoric carvings. My practice encompasses all types of printmaking techniques and often combines more than one.


Art in the Gardens Botanical Gardens Sheffield 2015

Studio Eleven Biennial Hull 2015

Creative Connections Cooper Gallery Barnsley 2015

Knotjuststitch textile & print Gage Gallery 2014

Sheffield Printmakers Workstation Sheffield 2013, 2014

Studio 11 Hull 2014

Blue Moon Cafe Sheffield 2014

South Yorkshire Open 2012

Great Sheffield Art Show 2012, 2013

Katherine Rhodes

07761 546264

I am inspired by natural objects and forms, preferring the rugged forms and flowing lines found in rural landscapes and nature. Living in Sheffield, I am close to the Peak District and regularly make use of this for inspiration. Other subjects include flowers, pebbles, coast and shoreline, rocks and mountains.

I have painted for many years using a variety of media including watercolour, pastels, aquarelle pencils, acrylics, and oils.  More recently I tried Printmaking and this is now the current focus of my artistic practice.  I use linocut, collagraph and drypoint printmaking techniques.

Katherine Rhodes Walking the Edge

Katherine Rhodes Walking the Edge

When using Printmaking to represent the landscape, I find that Linocut with its lines and cut edges lends itself to depicting the rocky outcrops, paths and edges in the landscape. Collagraph offers a chance to explore textures and form. The intaglio lines and marks on a Drypoint plate give structure and backbone to the rocks and edges, with additional inking on top to give unique colour variations and character in the landscape.  My experiences with painting influences the way that I mix my colours for printmaking, and explore light and tone in my prints. I enjoy experimenting with variations in colour and ink application in order to reflect mood and atmosphere in the subject.  I utilise many similar thought processes when mixing inks for colour, or applying the ink to the plate, as I would when applying paint to canvas or paper.  I continue to paint as part of my art practice, and I feel that both my painting and printmaking influence and benefit each other.

My work has been exhibited in galleries Sheffield, Buxton, Macclesfield and Hull. To see more, click here.I am a member of Sheffield Printmakers.


Katherine Rhodes Stanage-Popular end £175

Katherine Rhodes Stanage-Popular end £175


Open Up Sheffield – Open Studios at the Lodge House, Sheffield  2016

Derbyshire Open Arts  – The Old Station Gallery, Rowsley Derbyshire  2016

Exhibition – Heeley City Farm Café  1st July – 31st Aug 2016

2016 – Walkley Edge Artists at Blue Moon Cafe, Sheffield

Katherine Rhodes Small Buttress

Katherine Rhodes Small Buttress

2015 – Macclesfield Open Art Exhibition, The Silk Museum Macclesfield

2015 – Off the Press,Sheffield Printmakers, The Workstation, Sheffield

2015 – Inprint Bienniale, Hull

2015  – The Derbyshire Open Art Competition – Buxton Museum and Art Gallery

2015 – Prints and Plates, Cupola Gallery

2015 – The Ferens Gallery Open Exhibition Hull

2015 – “Love” at the Cooper gallery Barnsley with Sheffield Printmakers

katherine rhodes Tower face stanage

Katherine Rhodes Tower Face Stanage

2014 – Workstation – Off the Press – Sheffield Printmakers

2014 – Easy Squeeze – Annual Affordable print Exhibition

2014 – The 2014 Derbyshire Open Art Competition – Buxton

2014 – Blue Moon Cafe – Sheffield Printmakers

Maude Tricker
Maude Tricker. Bakewell River. £135

Maude Tricker. Bakewell River. £135

0114 2361206

I am an artist living and working in Sheffield. Currently I am concentrating on printmaking, mostly lino cut prints. I always enjoy the physical process of carving and cutting the lino block, allowing the different cutters to produce marks and textures to build up the final design. I apply inks in thin layers, producing subtle gradations in colour within each layer of printing. I also enjoy experimenting with printing onto different papers, combining watercolour, gesso and digital giclee print to create interesting surfaces. These mixed media prints are individual unique pieces.

I am a member of the Sheffield Printmakers group, and have participated in group exhibition with them in Sheffield and beyond. To find out more, click here.


Maude Tricker Whitby Harbour (blue) £60.

Maude Tricker Whitby Harbour (blue) £60.

Dreams: Hurt, Hope & Happiness City Arts Nottingham 2015

Prints and Plates Cupola Gallery Sheffield 2015

Creative Connections Cooper Gallery Barnsley 2015

Open Exhibition Harley Gallery Welbeck 2015

Inspired by the Written Word The Workstation Sheffield 2014

Celebrating Print: Sheffield Printmakers Blue Moon Cafe Sheffield 2014

Water Print: Sheffield Printmakers The Workstation 2013

Portland Works Group Exhibition Sheffield 2012

Peter York

Peter York

Peter York Cave Dale £180

Peter York Cave Dale £180

0114 2580110 / 07749 216291

I am a visual artist who uses print as my main source of creating work. I work in various print media because it gives me greater opportunity  to experiment and be creative.First there is designing the plate:whether from a real scene or an invented one. Second is deciding the process and technique and the making of the plate. Finally the third creative opportunity is in the inking, which gives me a wealth of chances to explore colour, the image and various inking processes.


Peter York. Win and Lose Hill from Stanage edge

Peter York. Win and Lose Hill from Stanage edge

Creswell Crags Harley Gallery Open Prize Winner 2013

Cooper Gallery Friends of the Gallery South Yorkshire Open Award Winner, 2012

Chair & Co-founder, Sheffield Printmakers

Peter runs printmaking workshops in a variety of techniques and experience. For more information, click here.

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