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The Foundry Group at the Assembly Room Theatre

Mitchell & Nixon presents...Those Magnificent Men

The New Year was truly brightened and the blues were banished with the warmly funny tale of the first nonstop transatlantic flight by Capt. John Alcock and Lt. Arthur Whitton Brown. They journeyed from Newfoundland to Ireland, through fog, hail, snow and rain, sometimes upside down in little more than a balsa wood and canvas kite.

With thrills, spills and uproarious comedy, this ripping yarn is out of the pages of boys-own fiction is a deft mix of Monty Python and Horrible Histories, all on a budget!

This is the second of our Live & Local shows and we’re really looking forward to welcoming such familiar faces (and voices), local boys as they are. A top-hole cast, including ‘Count Arthur Strong’s Radio Show’ and ‘This Is Jinsy’ regular David Mounfield, guarantees the show takes flight. So strap yourself in and cry “Chocks away!” for a night of thrills, spills and uproarious comedy.

Doors open at 7pm, prompt start at 7.30pm. Licenced bar.

Local boys, Brian Mitchell & Joseph Nixon

Local boys, Brian Mitchell & Joseph Nixon

Tickets £9 from the Box Office 01629 810152 for cash and cheque payments.

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Those Magnificent Men

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