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Dales Craft Fairs: 11-12 September CANCELLED

Dales Craft Fair datesDales Craft Fair: Socially Distanced Craft Fair 

Sadly we have to cancel our Craft Fairs at the Town Hall for the next few weeks. Keep checking back as we will know more soon about when we can welcome them back.

Our lovely friends return this weekend, with lots of beautiful handmade crafts for sale. Sample jams and chutneys, find the perfect handbag and capture the perfect view with a great photograph. A great range of makers with real skill and talent. Treat yourself or find that perfect thoughtful gift. Please note that our toilets will be CLOSED and that social distancing rules continue to apply. Please do wear a mask  and use the hand sanitiser before entry as we want to do all we can to keep our community safe. We will be operating a one-way system, with entry restricted to the main entrance, exiting through the Bath Street door. We ask visitors to respect the queuing system in place to limit numbers in the fair to keep everyone as safe as possible, so that these events can continue to take place. We’re grateful for your patience at this difficult time.




ABBA Sensation RESCHEDULED DATE, 1 October

ABBA SensationABBA Sensation

Widely considered to be one of the best ever ABBA Tribute Acts, they play to packed theatres and festivals throughout Europe. A stunning stage show, which combines costume changes, lighting effects and a faithful reproduction of the ABBA sound.

A great evening’s entertainment is guaranteed for all age ranges.
The band love audience participation, so you can sing along, clap or even get up and dance.

1 October, 7.30pm

Tickets £13.50

*Please note, admission is dependent on adherence to any government restriction in place at the time of the event

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Klezmer-ish, 22 October


Join us in welcoming back our friends from the Liverpool Philharmonic Orchestra, Klezmer-ish. Bringing music from travelling peoples around the world, the Town hall rafters will be raised with the glorious sounds of Klezmer, gypsy jazz and tango.

22 October, 7.30pm (doors 7pm)


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  • Please note, admission is dependent on adherence to any government restriction in place at the time of the event.
Simon Evans: The Work of the Devil,29 October SOLD OUT

Simon EvansSimon Evans: The Work of the Devil

Simon Evans’ last show, Genius 2.0 (***** “A Masterclass” The Scotsman) provided an hilarious analysis of the departure of any visible sign of intelligence from modern life. But his new show raises the stakes, with his usual excoriating views of a world on fire given a perspective shift from personal revelations that turned his world upside down this year.

After twenty years of watching one of the country’s most erudite, and downright funny comedians, Simon Evans’s fans could be excused for thinking they know who is and what he’s about. Dry, teasingly non-PC and openly baffled by much of modern life – not to say his own family – Evans has created a strongly defined on-stage persona that has served him well over that time.

But incredible revelations about his true identity left him reeling last year – and have made his new tour show, The Work of the Devil, by far his most memorable, and thought provoking work to date. It’s also his most engaging, audiences reporting that tears of laughter mingled at the end with stronger currents of emotion.

“It’s an unusual show for me in that regard,” he says. “Because the message of the show – almost beyond my conscious control – has become one that is genuinely heart-warming and uplifting, rather than just another weary sigh at society’s collapsing values and so on. And honestly, I couldn’t be happier. The subject matter, the show itself and audience reaction to it – it’s no exaggeration to say that it had a positive effect on my mental health, just performing it every night.”

It’s a very different kind of vibe to his last show, Genius 2.0, about the effect that “dumbing down” has had on everything from our political culture to our kids.“It starts in a similar vein – scrutinising identity politics and resurgent Nationalism, subjecting them to my usual piggy-eyed scrutiny and scepticism. But then we move through a gradual shift of perspective as I approach the Big Reveal – the news I received last year that throws literally everything I’ve said in the show – and arguably as a comedian, ever – into a dramatic new light.

The title of the show – The Work of The Devil, comes from Evans’ comedic hero, Douglas Adams. “It’s from one of his unpublished, unfinished passages for Dirk Gently –  a theory about the three different stages of progress in everyone’s life. Firstly, there’s what existed before you were born and until the age of about 12 or 13: with me, I grew up accepting that television, for instance, simply existed. Then there are things which are invented in our late teens and 20s which are exciting innovations that offer us opportunities to experience the thrills our parents never knew. For me, again, computers, digital watches, and arguably sandwich toasters. And then there are things which arrive from our mid-30s onwards, by which point we can no longer keep up with change and which we therefore denounce as the work of The Devil. Any innovation that arrives after that point leaves you saying ‘You mark my words – no good will come of this’.”

Adams intends the theory to relate to technology, but Evans wonders if it is becoming relevant to our relationship with political and social change too now. Everything from changing family structures to geo-political transformations are creating a world that Evans initially feels requires a healthy dose of his good old fashioned, robust common sense. But then comes the big surprise, as Evans virtually whips the rug away from under his own feet.

Tempting though it is to drop clues, the show will be that much more rewarding for those who have no idea what is coming. But satisfyingly, it does follow on organically from some of the loose ends that were left at the end of Genius 2.0.“Part of the inspiration for Genius 2.0 was my sense that my own intelligence, memory, focus, reaction times and so on were all in steep decline, and at a younger age than I would suggest that was inevitable. I did routines about it that got laughs of recognition, but at the back of my mind I had a niggling doubt that this was beyond normal deterioration. It was my investigation into that which yielded the new information which birthed this show.

And Simon is also finding that his stand-up is, to paraphrase an old ad, hitting a spot that other comedians cannot reach. “What I’m gradually realising is that while my views may not have changed that much, the world has shifted underneath me, and I’m now something of an outlier. There seems to be more of a political consensus among comedians than ever before, for want of a better word, and half the country is struggling to find their voice heard; what has happened, of course, is Brexit. It has polarised the nation, and the overwhelming majority of comedians seem very comfortable expressing their Remain views and I do feel that I’m getting an audience which is looking for a break from all that. Not that I’m pro-Brexit exactly, but ironically, I have preached a lot more tolerance for a wider range of views, even though I’ve made my career in character as the most intolerant old bugger you can imagine.”

The joy of any Simon Evans stand-up show is to watch a comic at the peak of his powers dissecting big ideas and exploring complex notions while finding great jokes within it all. The Work of The Devil, however, delivers all that – plus the most incredible true story, one that brings a completely new dimension to stand-up comedy and which will stay with you for a very long time.

‘Dynamite’ ★★★★ The Times  “A gripping and, ultimately heart-warming tale… rich with Evans’ wit and caustic observation.” (**** The Scotsman) “You expect a high standard of stand-up from this veteran performer. But in sharing something so deeply personal, he’s exceeded what seemed to be his full potential… I’d expect it to get even better when it goes out on tour. Outstanding stuff.” ( **** ½ Chortle) Simon Evans is the star of Live at the Apollo, Mock The Week, BBC Radio 4’s The News Quiz, The Unbelievable Truth & Simon Evans Goes To Market. Simon has made appearances on This Week, Question Time, Celebrity Mastermind, Pointless Celebrities and Mastermind The Professionals.

We have rescheduled this for 29 October. Everyone with tickets has been transferred to new date. If you would like a refund, do get in touch.

Tickets £15/13   SOLD OUT

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*Please note, admission is dependent on adherence to any government restriction in place at the time of the event

Falls Clinic

Falls Clinic Thursday 1.30pmFalls Clinic

Falls Clinic will return in its regular spot, on a Thursday at 1.30pm as soon as fitness classes are permitted. Michele is running her classes in a socially-distanced way. Please use the hand sanitiser, keep your distance and wear a mask if you can.

Thursday, 1.30pm

Temporarily in the Assembly Room. Please use the lift at the front of the building.



Theresa will return with her regular Tuesday evening pilates class as soon as restrictions permit. Please follow the guidelines and wear a mask if you are able to.

Tuesday 7pm

Assembly Room Theatre

Yoga with Liz Bortoli

vinyasa yoga with Liz BortoliVinyasa Flow Yoga

We welcome back Liz Bortoli with her vinyasa flow yoga sessions on a new night, every Wednesday from 6.15pm.

Temporarily in the Assembly Room Theatre


Pay-It-Forward Film Friday Ticket

Pay-it-Forward Film Friday TicketsPay-it-Forward

Exchange your pay-it-forward tickets, which can be used, without restriction on future Film Friday events. The cinema will resume in the late autumn so keep an eye out for future films. Simply bring them along to a Film Friday screening.

Your support is much appreciated and has helped us to keep going.



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