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The Town Hall has always been at the centre of the community and always will be. We pride ourselves in offering a home to a wide range of community groups. Whether you’d like to hold a fundraiser for your charity or are looking for a home for your club or society, we can help. We offer special hire rates to community groups, charities and non-profit organisations; making sure your money goes where it should- into the hands of your beneficiaries.

Our three rooms can accommodate from 20 to 160 people. They can be hired by session or by the hour, making us cost-effective and flexible. We will help publicise your group, activity or fundraiser by featuring you in our What’s On diary, our blog, posters, and our Facebook page, free of charge.

We think it is critical that the Town Hall remains active and relevant in, and to the community, and BT&CT has the community at the centre of everything we do. To find out more about how to hold your event or book a regular meeting, please see our community FAQs  for a step-by-step guide.

  • Council Chamber, seats 22
  • Court Room Gallery, seats 62
  • Assembly Room Theatre, seats 168

Every Saturday 10.30am Assembly Room Theatre.

Bakewell Community Choir, Every Wednesday 7-10pm

A fantastic bunch of local singers meet every Wednesday in the comfort of our Assembly Room Theatre. They are a friendly bunch so if you fancy joining their massed ranks, give John a call on 07972 717279 or email on jhmcgough@yahoo.co.uk Find out more here…

Derbyshire Dales Family History Society

Meets every third Thursday in the Month, Council Chamber, 7.30pm.

Bakewell Club for the Disabled

Meets the first Tuesday in the month (except summer), Court Room Gallery, 2pm.

Bridge Club

Club 52 Bridge Club

Meets in the Court Room Gallery every Monday, 6.30pm-10pm. More details can be found here…

Bakewell Townswoman's Guild

Meets the second Tuesday in the month, Council Chamber, 10am.   For more about the work of the Townswoman’s Guild see here…

Cafe Rwanda

Enjoy the best fair trade teas, coffees and home-baked cakes every third Monday in the month, Court Room Gallery, 10-3pm.  Read more about this fantastic cause…

Dales Craft Fair, Most Weekends.

Court Room Gallery

All our fairs offer free admission and offer a great range of handmade, handcrafted gifts and foodstuffs. Open most weekends and every second Monday. For further details, please call Shelagh on 07756 071838 or email dalesfairs@yahoo.co.uk .

11-13 March; 25-27 March; 14-17 April; 29 April-1 May; 13-15 May; 27-29 May; 10-12 June; 8-10 July, 29-31 July; 12-14 August; 26-28 August; 9-11 September; 30 September-2 October; 14-16 October; 28-30 October; 11-13 November; 25-27 November; 9-11 December. (All dates are inclusive).

Falls Clinic

Falls Clinic

A lovely, friendly group helping people improve their physical well-being, and making friends too. Meets in the Court Room Gallery Thursday, 1.30-3.30pm.


Pilates ClassMeets every Tuesday evening, 7pm in the Court Room Gallery. Thannanpilates@gmail.com


Women's Royal British Legion

Meets the last Tuesday in the month, Court Room Gallery, 6.30pm.  For more about the WRBL see here…


Vinyasa YogaVinyasa Yoga

Beginners and all levels welcome. De-stress, relax and energise, developing strength and flexibility with a weekly session of Vinyasa Yoga. Friendly class in a relaxed setting.

Every Thursday, 6.15 -7.30pm

Court Room Gallery

Begins 28 September. Special introductory rate of £5 per session.

07733 179773

Find out more details here…

FAQs: We're not a charity- do we qualify?

Yes. If your aim is to make the community a better place, we will offer community rate. If you aim to raise money to improve the lives of people or the environment we live in then we will help you do it.

FAQs: Can we sell refreshments?

Yes. We have two kitchens that you are welcome to  use for a small charge. You are still eligible for community rate, as this is a very effective way of raising funds for your group. Please note that we do not allow the sale of alcohol. If you would like us to run the bar for your fundraising event, we will split the profits with you.

FAQs: Can we sell tickets?

Yes. Often charities and community groups arrange a show or an exhibition and sell tickets to enter. This can be a great way of raising funds. For a small charge, you can use our online ticket merchant -ideal for larger events.

FAQs: Can you help with publicity?

Yes. We will put up posters on our notice boards, list your event on our What’s On diary and create an event on our Facebook page. All we ask is that you give us as much notice as possible, and make sure you give us all the details- for example, entry time, ticket price, and your logo, should you have one. It is a good idea to provide us with links to any website or Facebook page that you have, as people often want to find out about you before hand.

FAQs: How do we book?

Firstly, have a look at our rooms and think about the number of people that attend your group or who are likely to come to your event. You don’t want to be squashed in or rattling around! Bear in mind that we do have limits on the number of people that can be in our rooms at any one time . These are displayed on our room pages. Ask your group members when would be a good time to hold your group or event. And finally, get in touch! We can help you through the booking process and help make sure your event is a success. Our booking process is very simple- one sheet of paper. Please take a few moments to look over our terms & conditions  and make sure you have read our emergency procedures. You’ll need to nominate a ‘responsible person’ for the day of the event. This sounds like a lot of responsibility but in reality is just a case of making sure everyone is aware of where the fire exits are and where to go in the event of an emergency. If you are expecting a lot of people at your event, we recommend that you have plenty of help on the doors to help steward. We will advise you when you book.

FAQs: Do we need Public Liability Cover?

No, if you are a community group and are not wanting to do dangerous things. Our insurance covers most not-for-profit events held in the Town Hall. If in doubt, please do ask us.

50″ Sony LCD television and stand £5.00

Flipchart with paper £5.00

Projector £5.00

Screen £5.00

Extension Lead FREE.

Flavia Tea / Coffee vending machine, mobile, 50p per cup.

Whether you’re joining us for a special celebration, or holding a business event, we offer a range of drinks and refreshment packages to suit all tastes. Our speciality is locally-sourced food and drink, and we are spoiled for choice in Derbyshire with scores of award-winning breweries and three (3!) vineyards. We also can provide a bar for your guests to purchase beers, wines, spirits, soft drinks and tea and coffee for no additional charge. With a selection of ales, local wines and popular spirits, we can make your event go with a bang.

Tea, coffee and water package.

Freshly-made filter coffee, quality tea and chilled water £1.00 per person.

Mineral water still/sparkling 330ml £1.50

Biscuit selection £1.00 per person.

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