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Britain’s best loved and most important performance poet comes to the Assembly Room Theatre, 1 June. John is as vital now as he was in the 70s; his biting, satirical, political and very funny verse, delivered in a unique rapid-fire performance style, resonated with the punk movement. JCC toured with all the seminal bands; The Sex Pistols, The Clash & Buzzcocks, and in the USA with Elvis Costello. . Joy Division were proud to frequently support JCC and New Order later opened for him on their first Australian tour.

A figurehead for the movement and all that it encompassed. He found himself as one of the leading voices of punk and youth culture of the late 70s. He became known as the “Punk Poet” or “The Bard of Salford” . Aside from being a key orator of British society during this time, his mark is indelibly seen in today’s pop culture.

JCC had his own documentary “Evidently… John Cooper Clarke” networked on BBC4 in the UK .He regularly features on BBCTV and radio, as a presenter, performer and a socio-cultural commentator.

The punk revival has seen a whole new generation clamouring over John’s work and saw his star rocket once again. Continuing to write new work from his Essex home, he has a plethora of new poems and monologues which he performs solo, alongside his best known works such as Beasley Street and Evidently Chickentown. His shows are always packed and his audience always leave ecstatic.

JCC regularly tours throughout Europe and Australasia. As the hardest working man in show business he still averages over 100 shows a year worldwide.JCC was awarded an Honorary Doctorate in July 2013 by the University Of Salford. He is studied by many college and university students throughout the world, all ensuring that he will be forever ingrained in the psyche of the world’s youth.

He’s not going anywhere. Catch him live, 1 June, Assembly Room Theatre…Caution: LANGUAGE! Below is the ‘clean’ version of Evidently Chickentown.

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Find out more at www.johncooperclarke.com

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