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Save the Shoestring Players!

Bakewell Panto is looking for a new Director. The Shoestring Players, Bakewell’s Community Pantomime Company, is looking for a new Director for ‘Robin Hood’ their January 2017 production. After decades of entertaining Bakewell’s children, the panto will be no more –...

Learning Curve

A Perfect Wedding There’s so much to learn, for a new small team. We’ve had to tackle every aspect of running the BTH- from paper towels to websites and everything in between. We were learning on the job and thinking on our feet, so when we have a large...

Hello world!

Welcome to the Future... Our journey begins… Well, this is all new for us here at BTH. I’ve been in place for about nine months now, and I’ve met all our lovely users and learnt a bit about the town. Slowly, out of the fog has formed a germ of an...

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